The All on Four Dental Implants procedure is also known as the ‘same day teeth’ or ‘same day’ implants. This is the restoration of a whole arch of teeth, and is suitable for those who are using dentures.

How All on Four works:

All on Four procedure utilises four dental implants that are located at specific posts inside the mouth. Their specified positioning enhances the quality of the jawbone. Teeth restorations, such as fixed bridges or dentures, are attached to the implant, on which replacement teeth are fixed.

Time duration:

This procedure is accomplished within a day, without the involvement of any complicated procedures. It is completed over just one dental appointment to result in a bright smile without an elongated healing period.

All on Four dental implants are gaining popularity as they provide the benefits of a regular dental implant in just one day. Additionally, if you have a whole set of teeth missing and want to get them fixed as soon as possible, All on Four is the right choice for you. Contact our team at Eastcote Dentist today on 0203 126 4397 to book an appointment with our expert dentists.

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