gumGums are just as important as your teeth, and it is vital to ensure their healthy state. Gums function as a support for your teeth. They are placed in a way that they are surrounding the teeth in your jaws, in order to cushion them. However, if gums are neglected then they get exposed to diseases. One such disease is gingivitis – it leaves the patient with red and swollen gums that bleed even if the slightest pressure is exerted on them, like brushing teeth.

If a patient behaves negligently, and doesn’t pay attention to the treatment of gingivitis, it can develop into an infection known as periodontitis. This has an adverse affect on the entire surroundings of the tooth. As a consequence, you may have to lose your tooth.

Therefore, it is better to drop in for your dental hygienist appoint on periodic basis to make sure your gums stay in fit state.