If you have a single missing tooth, the best procedure you could opt for is a dental implant fitted with a crown. You may also need a dental implant if your tooth is severely infected or about to fall out.

Durability of dental implants:

Single tooth dental implants are performed over a series of visits to a dentist, but is a long-lasting and durable option. Unlike dentures, dental implants can last you a lifetime and provide the same comfort you enjoy with natural teeth.

Pain-free process:

Contrary to common belief, dental implants can be administered painlessly. The process involves the removal of the whole tooth along with its root. This is not painful due to our extensive knowledge and expertise of the treatment, and at Eastcote Dental Practice, we strive to ensure a patient’s comfort throughout the procedure to result in a pleasant experience.

How it works:

The initial stage requires a screening of your teeth. Our dentist will examine your dental and medical history; this is the consultation and planning phase. Our dentists will then plan the procedure, using your personal input, according to your oral health condition.

Afterwards, a dental implant will be placed in your jawbone where the tooth is missing, which provides the ground for the replacement tooth to be positioned upon. In order to give time for the dental implant to incorporate properly with the natural bone, a temporary tooth will be placed on the implant.

Once the implant has fully integrated with the natural bone, an abutment will be attached with the implant – this functions as a connector. Lastly, a custom-made crown or replacement tooth that matches your natural teeth will be placed on top of that abutment, therefore placing a new tooth in your arch to match the original.

single missing tooth


Different types of Dental Implant Procedures:

Multiple Teeth Implant

Implant over Denture

All on four dental Implants

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