Excellent service, really pleased, had great help right from the start of my implant treatment – from the consultation, then help finding the right payment plan for me, had my final fitting and I am so pleased. Will be returning for an additional implant for another dodgy tooth! Can’t recommend highly enough. :o)

Patient:  Mr CE           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant

I’m very happy so far. Dr. Sandeep Bahra is an excellent dentist. He keeps me posted at all times , good empathy skills, I highly appreciate that. Nurses and Office-staff are very friendly and polite, booking appointments are uncomplicated and easy. Can’t wish for more. Keep up the good work.

Patient:  Mr D M           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

Staff are always friendly and helpful. I always feel safe and taken care of.

Patient:  Miss AM           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh  Radi           Treatment:  Implant

Always very professional and friendly, warm and welcoming at the same time. Polite, organised and helpful. 

Patient:  Mr P H           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant Consultation

Staff are helpful and I am very pleased with the first step of my treatment.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant

Excellent service, friendly People.

Patient:  Ms V K           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant

They helped me find a way to finance my treatment.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant

Dr Radi was excellent, I felt completely at ease in his care and his work was efficient and painless. I have already recommended the practice to my partner.

Patient:  Mr A W           Dentist:  Dr Ghassan Al Shaikh Radi           Treatment:  Implant

I have confidence in the dentist who always communicates and takes care with the treatment.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

All explained to very well to us.

Patient:  Mr JB           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

Convenient and satisfactory dental care.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

Open 7 days and till late, you can contact your dentist whenever you need to.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

Looks all good to me.

Patient:  Anonymous           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant

The service was lovely  and Dr Sandeep was very helpful, I would change nothing.

Patient:  Ms K D           Dentist:  Dr Sandeep Bahra           Treatment:  Implant