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Dental Bridges  can be categorised into 2 types;

  • Maryland (sticky) Bridges: These are usually made in the same material as bonded crowns. They are artificial teeth with either a metal wing on one or both sides. They require little or no adjusting of neighbouring teeth. However they are not adequate for areas where biting forces are great, (ex. back teeth).
  • Conventional Bridges: The teeth involved in the bridge are prepared in the same way as if they were to be crowned. Can be placed in areas of moderate biting forces, in some cases a considerable amount of tooth tissue may need to be removed.

At Eastcote Dentist we believe that in nearly all cases where a missing tooth requires replacement, an implant is the best possible option. However in the follow cases, a bridge  may be the best option;

  • Where medical or social conditions are not appropriate for an implant to placed.
  • Where there is very little bone present and bone grafting is either particularly complex or not favoured by the patient.
  • If finance does not allow for an implant to placed and the neighbouring teeth are heavily treated. Although in the long term, this option could prove more expensive.

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